About Us

Who We Are:

Raquel Riley Thomas Beauty is a women owned and Veteran-owned cosmetic brand that also supplies a quick and easy solution to the way women apply and wear cosmetics. Today's women are balancing their personal, professional, and community lives at a faster pace and their makeup application should not slow them down. Army-Veteran turned beauty and fashion expert Raquel Riley Thomas produced the formulated concept 3GL: Glamour Lashes, Glamour Lids, Glamour Lips. By using Raquel Riley Thomas Cosmetics plus using this formula, glamourous looks are now easier and quicker.


*NAICS Code(s): 446120;Description of product/services as defined by the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS)

Better Business Bureau (A+ Rating)

Our Mission:

We believe in empowering and uplifiting women. We use positive reinforcements to help women feel great about themselves and to build upon their self-confidence. Our mission is to develop products that have a positive impact on today’s extraordinary women.


Our Story: The Violin Virtuoso

Our founder, Army-Veteran, Raquel Riley Thomas, has had a love of all things beauty and fashion since she was a young girl. She use to watch her grandmother, Shirley E. Cartman, a violin virtuoso, play on many stages with beautiful makeup and hair.

In their quiet moments together, her grandmother, taught Raquel how to always be respectful and tasteful of makeup, hair and clothing.

Fast forward to 2020 and Raquel is now an Entrepreneur, Pageant Queen and Military-Veteran. She is the owner of An Officer and Gentlewoman, LLC, in which Raquel Riley Thomas Beauty is a subsidiary, Raquel Riley Thomas Beauty is a makeup line for women who are balancing their personal, professional and community lives.

Raquel invented a formulated concept 3GL: Glamour Lashes, Glamour Lids, Glamour Lips. Now applying makeup can be done in less time while still maintaining a glamorous look. All in a respectful manner, just like her grandmother taught her.